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We value our corporate partners and recognize the importance of their role in supporting our work. Without their vital financial support, we could not deliver our life-changing programs for Gaucher patients worldwide. Thank you!


Working in partnership with International Gaucher Alliance demonstrates that your company:
•    values social responsibility 
•    is investing in a sustainable future 
•    makes major difference in the lives of Gaucher patients
•    supports innovative and cutting-edge medical research


We recognize that each partnership plays an essential role in bringing us closer to world where all Gaucher patients have access to the treatment and care they need. Your business can be one of them! 


Please see our Code of Practice (عربي) for working with pharmaceutical companies and read about the effectiveness of our work in our latest Impact Report

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AVROBIO is proud supporter and collaborator of IGA.   The work of IGA breaks global frontiers and unify people from all over the world.  IGA works to ensure people have best chance of accessing treatment, research, support and knowledge to carry on normal lives.  We look forward to our continued engagement and efforts for advancing treatment for the people and families living with Gaucher. 

Fernanda Copeland


At Prevail Therapeutics, a key consideration in our focus on gene therapy approaches to treat serious neurological conditions is the potential for our therapies to make a meaningful impact on an individual’s life. Interactions with the team at IGA provide a unique global perspective on the unmet needs of patients with Gaucher disease, including those with the neuronopathic form, challenges with access to care, and what matters most to individuals and their families. This helps us to keep the individual in focus in our day-to-day work.

Eriene Wasef


Pfizer is committed to improving the health status of patients with rare diseases around the world. We are proud to work with the International Gaucher Alliance and see IGA as a critical partner in carrying out our mission of supporting patients with Gaucher disease around the world.  

Matt Harold


Takeda is committed to improving the lives of patients living with rare diseases around the world through early diagnosis, high-impact medicines and personalized care. Collaborating with global patient organizations, such as the International Gaucher Alliance (IGA), allows us to exchange invaluable expertise, knowledge and insights that contribute to efforts to optimize care for all Gaucher patients. 

As the global resource for the Gaucher patient community, the IGA understands and advocates for Gaucher patients and their families. The IGA has a deep understanding of their community’s unmet needs and shares insights and ideas with Takeda helping to inform research efforts and disease awareness initiatives. 

Takeda is pleased to collaborate and support the IGA in their mission to empower, advocate and support Gaucher patients around the world. 

Fintan Leonard


IGA’s contributions are critical not only to the global community of people living with Gaucher disease, but also to scientists, clinicians and companies who aim to improve their care. Orphazyme relies on guidance from patient organizations at every stage of our drug development process and we have often called upon the expertise of IGA to help us better understand the needs, challenges ,and preferences of those who live daily with the effects of Gaucher disease. IGA’s insights and advice allow us to make informed choices on issues that impact patients, in order to make a meaningful difference during our pursuit of a potential new therapy.  

Regan Sherman

How do I get involved?


Grant giving and charitable donations


As a charitable organisation dedicated to transforming the lives of Gaucher patients, we rely on the generosity of companies and organisations to fund our projects. Corporates can provide financial support with an unrestricted grant or specific funding for one of our projects.  Please download our Ethical Statement for Donations.


We are incredibly grateful for donations of all sizes and would be delighted if your organisation would consider providing grant support to enable us to continue our vital work with Gaucher patients and our member associations. To discuss our projects and potential funding opportunities, please get in touch with Angel Jones


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To ensure its independence, the IGA will only accept unrestricted grants up to an amount not exceeding 35% of its annual budget from any one pharmaceutical company.


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