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2020 Biennial Members Meeting

4 February 2020

The IGA’s biennial members meeting and the 14th EWGGD congress will take place in Leiden, Netherlands from 23rd to 27th May 2020 and the IGA will be inviting one representative from each of its member associations to attend.  

(The IGA’s biennial meeting will start on Saturday so participants will need to arrive in Leiden on the Friday, and we expect the EWGGD to end after lunch on the Wednesday.)

It is not possible for us to financially support attendance at the meetings and so, as in previous years, participants will need to fund their own travel to Leiden.  Participants will also need to arrange and pay for their own visas where necessary.

The IGA will pay for all biennial meeting costs for one representative from each member association to attend which will include:
•    2 nights’ accommodation (Friday and Saturday)
•    All meals throughout the IGA meeting
•    Meeting costs

The EWGGD hope to pay for all EWGGD congress costs for one representative from each IGA member association which will include:
•    3 nights’ accommodation (Sunday, Monday and Tuesday)
•    All meals throughout the EWGGD meeting
•    Meeting costs

We understand that some of our member associations will find it difficult to fund these travel costs which is why we would encourage you to start exploring the funding options available to you, e.g. through your local pharmaceutical company representatives, EURORDIS, etc.

If you are not successful in finding funding for your travel and registration costs, we do have a limited fund available for grants; please email who will send you a grant application form.  The closing date for grant applications is 1 March 2020 and you must be able to provide proof that you have explored other options.

Additional participants:

We now have over 50 member associations and so we are not able to register unlimited numbers of additional participants at the meetings.  If your association wishes to send more than one representative this must be agreed in advance by the IGA.  Please email before 1 March 2020 with the details of who you would like to attend in addition to your representative.  After the date for applications has closed, additional spaces will be allocated and fees must be paid in advance to secure the place.  Additional places will not be allocated to any association who has applied to the IGA for a travel grant.

What do you need to do now?

We will send out further details about the meetings during February together with details of registration, costs for additional participants and country reports.  As in 2018, participants will not be able to register for the IGA meeting until their completed Country Report has been received by the office.  In the meantime:

•    Decide who you would like to represent your association at the IGA/EWGGD meetings.
•    Explore the options available to your association for funding travel and registration.
•    If applicable, apply for a travel grant with the IGA before 1 March 2020.
•    Familiarise yourself with the visa entry system for the Netherlands and start preparing the necessary paperwork to support your visa application.  Information about formal invitation letters will be provided at the end of February.