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The IGA Award is given during the biennial EWGGD congress and is open to young healthcare professionals who are relatively new to the field of Gaucher disease, e.g. a doctor, nurse, physiotherapist, etc..

The award criteria changes for each EWGGD conference and is decided by the IGA's board of directors who prepare a description of the theme each time.  Information on the criteria is shared ahead of each conference via the IGA's e-newsletter and on its social media platforms.  The overall focus is on clinical unmet needs/clinical benefits for patients where one will see a significant effect on improving patients’ lives. 

An abstract and poster will have to be submitted according to the EWGGD's guidelines - for further information visit their website. The winner will be chosen by the EWGGD's scientific committee and will need to demonstrate significant benefit to patient care and/or health outcome in Gaucher disease.  A diploma and a small monetary grant is awarded to each winner. 


Winner in 2019


Dr. Aimee Donald, Royal Manchester Children's Hospital (UK) 


The criteria was to “further the understanding of neuronopathic Gaucher disease and therefore improve patients’ lives” and the work Aimee presented was on the role of saccades in defining Gaucher phenotypes.


Download Aimee's abstract here.


Winner in 2016


Dr. Giulia Massaro, University College London (UK)


The criteria was to “demonstrate significant benefit to patient care and/or health outcomes in Gaucher Disease” and the work Giulia presented was on IV gene therapy for nGD. 


Download Giulia's abstract here