International Gaucher Day 'Rare But Not Alone'

#IGD2018 Rare Stars - giving hope, improving lives

International Gaucher Day (IGD) was launched by the EGA in 2014 and is celebrated annually on 1st October to raise awareness of Gaucher disease.

We believe that the patient community will benefit greatly from learning about what inspires and motivates people to work in the field of Gaucher and so the theme of the #IGD2018 #rarestars campaign will focus upon doctors, nurses, scientists, patient advocates and those involved in the pharmaceutical industry, who all work hard to improve the quality of life for the entire Gaucher patient community.  During the run up to IGD, we will be sharing short videos from some inspirational figures working within the Gaucher field and from the pharmaceutical industry; showing their motivation, experiences and hopes for the Gaucher community. 

Get involved…

You can raise awareness of IGD2018 and Gaucher disease very simply by:

  • downloading and sharing the #IGD2018 poster
  • downloading and sharing the #IGD2018 factsheet
  • using the #IGD2018 signature on your emails
  • organising a lecture for students at a medical school or for doctors at a hospital
  • gathering in a public place and spreading information about Gaucher disease
  • organising a workshop for journalists and clinicians
  • inviting your own Rare Star to participate in our social media campaign
  • organising a sporting event, such as a run, walk or bike ride
  • sharing your photos and stories on social media using #IGD2018 #rarebutnotalone #rarestars or emailing them to us to share 

Social media

#IGD2018 #rarebutnotalone #rarestars

Building upon the success of recent years, we will be using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,  LinkedIn and YouTube to share content and to raise awareness of #IGD2018 and Gaucher disease. Please use your own social media platforms to promote #IGD2018:

Download all the #IGD2018 materials here.  We will not be producing merchandise this year but if you would like to print your own, please refer to our style guide and conditions of use.

We are very grateful to the following event sponsors: