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Over 53 paediatricians attend event hosted by IGA in Kathmandu
2019-09-10 08:09:25

On Saturday, 53 paediatricians from all over Kathmandu attended an evening event hosted by the IGA with Nepal Paediatric Society (NEPAS) and Maharajagunj Medicine Campus and Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital.

The programme focussed on LSDs and Dr Ashok Vellodi educated the Nepalese paediatricians, sharing his many years of experience regarding the identification of different types of LSDs and ways for their accurate clinical diagnosis and management.  Dr Arun Sharma, senior paediatrician from the MMC also presented.

Our regional managers, Shashank & Suyog, then briefed the paediatricians about the work done by the IGA in different countries and its objectives, vision for Nepal and how patient advocacy groups can act as catalyst in helping patients gain better access to care and treatment.