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Regional Managers visit BP Koirala Hospital in Dharan, Nepal
2019-09-11 10:09:12

On Sunday, our regional managers and Dr Ashok Vellodi continued their medical programme in Nepal, visiting the BP Koirala Hospital in Dharan with Dr Nisha Keshry Bhatta.

Special thanks to Drs Jyoti and Prakash for helping to arrange this event which was attended by 30 resident doctors.

Dharan is a leading hospital in Nepal for diagnosing and treating lysosomal storage disorders and Dr Bhatta informed that a Pompe patient has recently been given enzyme replacement therapy under a humanitarian aid programme.

Dr Vellodi once again educated resident doctors and shared his experience of accurate clinical diagnosis and management of LSDs.

Two Niemann-Pick brothers were invited by Dr Bhatta and Dr Vellodi provided a live case based approach for the diagnosis and management of such type of LSD.

Following Dr Vellodi's advice, genetic testing was then performed on the Niemann-Pick patient.