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IGA appoints a new co-opted board member
2019-10-30 13:10:26

Vesna Aleksovska writes:

"As chair of the IGA, I am delighted to announce that Aviva Rosenberg the IGA representative for the National Gaucher Foundation has agreed to join the IGA Board as our new co-opted member. Aviva is a health care attorney based in Pennsylvania, USA and is very enthusiastic about starting to do some work for the IGA.

IGA appreciates every member of its community that is doing voluntary work to support its vision and mission."

Aviva has practiced health law throughout the United States and taught as an adjunct professor at several universities. She was diagnosed with Gaucher disease at age 27, following 20 years of symptoms with no answers. Her son, Eli, also has Type I Gaucher disease. Aviva's passion is educating about genetic diseases and screenings and talking about her personal journey with Gaucher disease, including the need to shorten patients’ diagnostic results. She lives with her husband and three fabulous boys in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and says "[she] is so excited to be part of the IGA!"