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IGA and CENTOGENE Team Up to Ensure myLSDapp Provides the Highest Level of Patient Data Protection
2020-06-15 10:06:11

The International Gaucher Alliance (IGA) has teamed up with CENTOGENE to review the data protection measures of myLSDapp. The collaboration not only ensured high levels of security, but led to further adaptations of the patient consent forms related to secure storage and use of personal and clinical data for research purposes in compliance with the European Union's General Data Protection Regulations.

myLSDapp is an easy-to-use smartphone application for the monitoring and treatment management for Gaucher patients. The app is based on CENTOGENE’s propriety biomarker - lyso-Gb1 - and quality of life information provided by the patients in routine intervals.

Lyso-Gb1, the most reliable biomarker for Gaucher disease with 100% sensitivity, supports physicians with establishing personalized therapy for Gaucher disease patients and determining their optimum treatment dosage. myLSDapp provides patients and physicians with real-time insights into a comprehensive range of health measures that help to determine the overall well-being of the patients and their response to the treatment. This includes often overlooked indicators, such as pain, mood, and daily activity levels.

The combination of biomarker levels and quality of life information enables physicians to closely monitor patients’ response to treatment once they have been set on therapy. At the same time, the application enables patients to trace their biomarker levels and greatly enhances their overall perspective of their own health and well-being. Patients are thus empowered to play an active role in their health management alongside their physicians.

Lyso-Gb1 levels can be easily traced by sending dry blood samples via CentoCard® to CENTOGENE’s laboratories in Germany. The use of the application, as well as the transportation and analysis of CentoCard®, is provided to patients free of charge by CENTOGENE.

myLSDapp is currently available in English and Spanish.  More information about myLSDapp can be found at