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2016-04-13 12:04:38

One of the EGA’s objectives is to support access to education and training for clinicians that are responsible for the clinical management of patients with Gaucher disease. The EGA have recently been able to support access to compassionate treatment for a number of Gaucher patients in Rwanda and Zimbabwe and we are keen to support these physicians and other treating physicians of Gaucher patients in the area.


In partnership with the South African LSD Society, Prof Chris Hendriksz and the University of Pretoria we will be running a Gaucher Masterclass on Thursday 26th May at Pretoria University for approximately 30 invited physicians from countries including: Botswana, Zambia, Malawi, Rwanda, Zimbabwe and South Africa.


The EGA through the UK Gauchers Association’s Susan Lewis Memorial Fund will be supporting the physicians from Botswana, Rwanda and Zimbabwe to attend this masterclass.



The masterclass will be led by Prof Chris Hendriksz with support from other doctors and medical professionals from Pretoria.