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Dr Roscoe Brady
2016-06-20 09:06:11

The EGA is sad to announce the death of Doctor Roscoe Brady aged 93.  Dr Brady worked tirelessly at the National Institute of Health in Bethesda USA to identify metabolic defects in hereditary storage disorders including Gaucher disease and applied this knowledge in developing diagnostic tests and crucially Enzyme Replacement Therapy as an effective treatment for Gaucher disease and other Lysosomal Storage disorders. 
This pioneering work transformed the future for Gaucher patients and developing this life-saving treatment has completely changed what would otherwise have been their  destiny.  Gaucher patients and indeed patients of other Lysosomal Storage disorders will remain ever grateful to Dr Brady for  the very real difference that he made to their lives.
On behalf of Gaucher patients thought the world the EGA mourn Dr. Brady’s passing, send condolences to his family and give thanks for his life whose work saved the lives of countless patients across the globe.