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EGA announces new chairman
2016-07-18 09:07:42

New board

We are pleased to announce that on 29 June, Pascal Niemeyer was elected by the new board of the European Gaucher Alliance as chairman.

Pascal has been working on the board since 2008 and is responsible for the areas of public relations and liaison with the EWGGD.

Pascal takes over from Jeremy Manuel, who decided to step down as chairman to make way for the next generation, whilst assuring his dedication to continue to support the Gaucher community by agreeing to remain on the board.

The entire board would like to thank Jeremy for his tireless engagement in building and developing the EGA for more than 20 years.

The new board was formally announced as:

Vesna Aleksovska (Macedonia)

Biljana Jovanovic (Serbia)

Anne-Grethe Lauridsen (Denmark)

Jeremy Manuel (UK);

Pascal Niemeyer, Chair (Germany)

Johanna Parkkinen (Finland)

Jasenka Wagner (Croatia)

Sandra Zariņa (Latvia)

Irena Žnidar (Slovenia)