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Spotlight on Gaucher 2016 Campaign
2016-08-28 23:08:00

For 2016, Spotlight on Gaucher is a global social media campaign that encourages those whose lives have been touched by Gaucher disease, as well as a broader audience, to join hands representing a network of interconnected supporters around the world.

The first ever Together4Gaucher chain of support will help to raise awareness of Gaucher disease and support our community. We have the opportunity to start the chain of support ahead of the launch of the campaign, which will take place on September 15th.

It could not be simpler to get involved*:

1. Take a picture of yourself with your arms outstretched, linking arms or holding hands with someone you care about
2. Share your picture on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter** with the hashtag#Together4Gaucher from September 15th 
3. Tag a friend in your post and invite them to continue the chain by taking their own picture
4. Visit when the campaign launches to see your picture in the chain of support
* Your image may also be re-posted on Shire social media channels or used on
** We recommend checking that your account is set to public visibility in order to contribute to the bigger conversation when using the #Together4Gaucher hashtag.