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Results of EGA 2018/2020 Election
2018-06-27 23:06:00

Following the recent board member elections for 2018/2020 we are pleased to announce that the new board, who will take effect from the close of the biennial members meeting in October 2018, will be:

Vesna Aleksovska (Macedonia)
Diana Paulina Aragon (Mexico)
Aimee-Kate Bosch (South Africa)
Biljana Jovanovic (Serbia)
Anne-Grethe Lauridsen (Denmark)
Pascal Niemeyer (Germany)
Manjit Singh (India)
Christine White (Canada)
Irena Znidar (Slovenia)


Following this year’s elections, we are losing three of our existing Board members who have decided to not stand for re-election for 2018-2020; we would like to thank Jeremy Manuel, Kate White and Jasenka Wagner for their commitment to the EGA and the Global Gaucher community.

Jeremy Manuel, a founder of the EGA in 1994 and someone who has helped shape, drive and enable the EGA to be the strong organisation it is today. Jeremy is known for his democratic, calm but firm approach and has dedicated over 27 years to improving the lives of Gaucher patients and their families throughout the world.  Jeremy as an advocate with a legal mind has been a key figure at meetings across the world and has been invited to represent the Gaucher community by academics, researchers, and pharma who all recognise the immense value and contribution he can make to their cause.

Jeremy stood down as the Chairman of the EGA in 2016 at the Zaragoza biennial members meetings after 22 years as a leader of the EGA and as its official Chairman since it became an official organisation in 2008, however remained as a member of the board.

Everyone in the Gaucher community knows Jeremy and his decision to not stand for re- election will come as a shock.  However, Jeremy will continue to support the work of the EGA going forward i.e. EWGGD, but will not be an elected Board member.

Jasenka Wagner joined the board in 2016 and has for the past two years contributed to the EGA’s work, with a particular interest in educating young doctors. Jasenka became a mum in 2017 and after her son Eric was born, together with an exciting new professional opportunity, has decided not to stand for re-election but again hopes to be able to support the EGA in some of its projects going forward.

Kate White was co-opted onto the Board in January 2017 after the EGA voted to give all our members the same rights which began the process of the EGA transitioning to become a global organisation. Kate and Manjit Singh from India were co-opted to ensure that the EGA Board had representation from different areas of the globe. At the same time as becoming a Board member, Kate began her training as a nurse and it is for this reason that she has decided to not re-stand for the Board. Over the next few years Kate will continue her nurse training and hopes to return to the Board after that.  In the meantime, she has agreed to keep in touch and help out with any projects where her skills and knowledge as a young Gaucher patient are needed.

Although the new board will not take effect until the close of the biennial members meeting in October 2018, Diana, Aimee-Kate and Christine will attend the board meeting which precedes the members meeting.