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Type 1 Gaucher disease is often but misleadingly referred to as Adult Gaucher disease, but individuals of all ages can be affected.


This form of Gaucher disease does not generally affect the nervous system and is sometimes referred to as non-neuronopathic Gaucher disease.


Type 1 Gaucher disease has a particularly wide variation in the way it affects people and disease course.


Many people with type 1 disease have no symptoms and lead normal lives. In some cases, however, the disease may become life-threatening.


In general, the later in life first symptoms appear, the less likely it is that the disease will be severe.






It is thought that people with Gaucher disease may have a risk of developing other conditions later in life including Parkinson’s disease and Multiple Myeloma
(cancer of the white blood cells). 


You can watch our recent educational webinar on comorbidities 'Gaucher and Parkinson's disease' here.